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We are developed two kind of kites for high altitude: flat kites and profile kites. The flat kites are with hexagonal form and with long tail or with keel. The keel is at right angles from the face of the kite and from a bridle attachment point. The maximum flying height is 1200 meters.The kites are made from paper with wooden frame. The basic cover is a tissue paper which is glued behind the frame: at this point the kite is test flown for symmetry and balance.

Kite Plans

Origami kite

Boat Plans

Custom plans for making Radio Control models of a modern yacht. Models are optimized substantially. The plans contain hull construction, rigging, sail plans, and radio control device descriptions. Into the plans for more advanced models are provided a device for controlling the twist of sails by mainsheet, boom vangs and traveler and device for controlling the removable keel. All rigging is mounted up to the mainmast and fully proportional sail winch that allow the sails to be trimmed for absolutely any combination of wind conditions and heading dynamic. With all plans are including a VP diagram and software.

Layout boat plans for duck hunting. For example you can download a full construction plan for double layout boat. There is a description how to use the plan too. We are developed many other plans for duck hunting boats. All plans are made within the same particularity. For price and order the plans contact us.


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