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Wind Turbine Software

WindTurbo is a program for designing new wind turbines or analyzing existing ones. The software is based on one-dimensional blade element momentum theory. This method can be carried out using a spreadsheet of lift and drag curves for the chosen aerofoil. The software allows designers to insert different aerofoils and set up the initial angle of blades. WindTurbo enables manufacturers to test new wind turbines in the virtual environment and pick the best ones for further development. This way is to speed up and improved the design process.

WindTurbo features

  • Test new wind turbine on the computer to quickly determine base parameters of the turbine.
  • Analyze and compare different types of turbines.
  • Design of either stall or pitch control turbine.
  • Prandtl's tip loss correction.
  • Using logarithmic "law" to describe the height dependence of the mean wind speed.
  • Using Powell algorithm for optimizing the geometry of blades.
  • Prediction of the annual production of energy and optimum power of a turbine.
  • Using various types of aerofoils for tip and hub of the blade in the GUI version of WindTurbo.
  • Starting performance and estimating the cut-in wind speed in the GUI version of WindTurbo.
  • A graphic present of results in GUI version of WindTurbo.
  • Generation of STL output file for rapid prototyping or using in popular CAD software. You can download a file of a blade that is generated by WindTurbo.
Result of a WindTurbo optimization
Console version of WindTurbo is free and can be download
GUI version of WindTurbo is shareware. For more details contact us.
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